With Mike Sipowicz, a wine production specialist with over 20 years of commercial wine and beer production experience, and Dusty Timmons, a grape and agricultural crop optimization specialist, behind the helm, we can’t be steered in a wrong direction. Everything we do has high quality. Our belief is that, if you can’t make the best wine possible, then it’s not worth drinking. Every one of our wines is an excellent vintage. We take our responsibilities seriously and know that our roots are in the rich and fertile Texas soil.

We grow our own grapes and pick them from the vine. We crush them in-house and ferment the wine in barrels. Everything is done with great attention to detail. We are making history in the field of wine because we want your experience to be the best it can be. Longshot Wines was founded with the principle that great wine takes time. That’s time we’re more than willing to put in to get your wines just right.

Our Winery